At ii2a, we use cutting-edge technology to develop applications that solve market-specific business challenges. Our products help companies automate processes to enhance efficiency and improve communication.

We turn your ideas into reality.

Our name says it all: we transform Ideas Into Apps. Founded in 2013, ii2a is a technology consulting firm that uses cutting-edge technology to build applications that solve your business challenges.

Our products speak for themselves. From a cloud-based corporate real estate solution that allows users to aggregate and access critical information in real time to a customizable networking tool that enables the seamless transfer of knowledge within organizations, our products help you optimize processes, enhance efficiency and improve communication.

We are experienced technology partners.

We specialize in collaborative solution development. We’re more than a pair of hands building your product; we’re invested in establishing long-term partnerships. You’ve identified a better way to do business, and we can translate that insight into a custom solution that will improve your operations. When choosing a solution provider, expertise is a critical element. And we’ve got lots of it. Our comprehensive knowledge of technology—and its evolution—allows us to provide an end-to-end solution for your market-specific challenge. Technology is constantly changing and advancing, and our methods continue to progress along with it. While others apply old ideas to new technology, we take a modern approach and build products both for today and the future.

We deliver solutions FAST.

Rapid application development is more than just a promise; it’s what we deliver. We combine the right people with the right technology to get your product out the door fast. But we won’t sacrifice quality for speed. Our expertise allows us to execute efficiently and identify the right things to produce quickly.

We make mobile the first of many.

Designing for mobile is important, but we don’t stop there. Our omni-channel approach takes all technology into consideration, from cell phones and tablets to laptops and even the Internet of Things. We choose the technology that best serves your needs and is appropriate for each channel.

Real estate, real manageable.

Tired of the inefficient paper-driven process that’s been at the center of the corporate real estate industry for decades? We know how you feel. Our ePortfolio app automates the steps in the real estate process, saving time and giving you access to the data you need—at any time, from anywhere, on any device. It also creates a visual representation of all your business intelligence, helping you align your real estate needs to your overall business plan.

Save trees, use ePortfolio.

Go mobile. Designed for multi-channel use, ePortfolio is available on any device in the marketplace to ensure you can easily access the information when and where you need it.

Be flexible. Collect, manage and share large amounts of data quickly and easily, helping you make more informed decisions in less time.

Invite colleagues. There are no limits on the number of users or on the amount of data uploaded and shared—creating transparency throughout the entire process.

Get protected. Our secure, cloud-based application ensures your information is protected, period.

One community, one app.

Managing a professional online community is hard. Using multiple programs to get all the features you need makes it harder.

Mingle Ninja has everything you want to manage and inspire your online community—housed under one digital roof that’s accessible from any device. Mingle Ninja adds value to your membership.

The integrated functions allow you to create an online community platform that connects members and sponsors, promotes communication and collaboration, boosts engagement and tracks the user experience.

Mingle like a ninja. Connect digitally.

Make targeted connections without having to leave your office. The comprehensive members database facilitates online professional networking between strategic connections.

Generate collaboration. Tools such as email and document management open up a collaboration loop between individuals, groups, sponsors or the community as a whole.

Land a job. Members can get help finding their next executive position by starting a chat with the group in real time, reviewing posted opportunities and leveraging the community’s expansive connection network.

Spark engagement. The leaderboard and gamification components create interest, ignite competition, drive advocacy and keep users actively involved—which can be measured by the metrics tool.

Members think our features are great.