Real estate, real manageable.

Tired of the inefficient paper-driven process that’s been at the center of the corporate real estate industry for decades? We know how you feel.

Our ePortfolio app automates the steps in the real estate process, saving time and giving you access to the data you need—at any time, from anywhere, on any device.

It also creates a visual representation of all your business intelligence, helping you align your real estate needs to your overall business plan.

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ePortfolio provides us a very quick visual summarization of the data, utilizing tools such as mapping of the available locations in relation to employees drive times and radius calculation etc. It demonstrates that we at CDC do our homework and due diligence on our real estate evaluations. We have also utilized ePortfolio in a couple of customer presentations, which reduced concerns on the impact of employee retention. Its this diversity and flexibility that makes ePortfolio a valuable tool for CDC.

Mitch Rader

CEO, Consolidated Distribution Corporation, LLC




Save trees, use ePortfolio.

Let’s face it, it’s all about be efficient, being green is a pretty good out come though!


Go mobile. Designed for multi-channel use, ePortfolio is available on any device in the marketplace to ensure you can easily access the information when and where you need it.

Be flexible. Collect, manage and share large amounts of data quickly and easily, helping you make more informed decisions in less time.

Invite colleagues. There are no limits on the number of users or on the amount of data uploaded and shared—creating transparency throughout the entire process.

Get protected. Our secure, cloud-based application ensures your information is protected, period.

Great features, powerful benefits.


Features Benefits
Mapping Create custom maps using features such as satellite, terrain and street.Pinpoint where you have property and where you would like your new property to be.Visualize and assess locations to determine beneficial qualities, such as proximity to public transportation, restaurants and shopping.
Drawing Define custom search areas or locations.Draw any shape or size definition without being limited by a city, neighborhood or zip code.
Layering Stack internal and external business intelligence geographically to see the big picture.Use the big picture to make a more informed decision in less time.
File Upload Upload photos and videos straight from your smartphone, tablet, computer, Dropbox and more.Share important intelligence, such as property tour videos, with collaborators and key decision makers.
Document Management Manage all of your project documents and other assets in one convenient location.Get unlimited storage and organize information by project.
User Management Invite unlimited users to share project data with.Define and control which users get access to what information.
Reporting and Analysis Create custom reports and analyze data online in real time.Establish support for recommended decisions.Review past decisions.



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