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Managing a professional online community is hard. Using multiple programs to get all the features you need makes it harder. Mingle Ninja has everything you want to manage and inspire your online community—housed under one digital roof that’s accessible from any device.   Mingle Ninja adds value to your membership. The integrated functions allow you to create an online community platform that connects members and sponsors, promotes communication and collaboration, boosts engagement and tracks the user experience.  

Great resource to ask a question, for connectivity, education, resources, it really differentiates us as group, and elevated us as a whole. John Liacone

Founder, CFOLG

Mingle like a ninja.

Connect digitally. Make targeted connections without having to leave your office. The comprehensive members database facilitates online professional networking between strategic connections.

Generate collaboration. Tools such as email and document management open up a collaboration loop between individuals, groups, sponsors or the community as a whole.

Land a job. Members can get help finding their next executive position by starting a chat with the group in real time, reviewing posted opportunities and leveraging the community’s expansive connection network.

Spark engagement. The leaderboard and gamification components create interest, ignite competition, drive advocacy and keep users actively involved—which can be measured by the metrics tool.

Members think our features are great.


Features Benefits
Membership Management Manage all your members using the comprehensive membership database.
Dashboard Keep track of new members, leads, sponsors, events and more.
Administrative Access Control your community by approving new members and editing and deleting section information.
Profiles Authenticate profiles through LinkedIn and get the latest profile information and connections.
Geo-locational Networking Opt in to geo-location to connect with other members in your area.
Posts Post information on job openings, events and more. Posts can be made public or private.Communicate with your network in blog or comment sections.
Resources Create an active online membership community that exchanges knowledge.Find job openings, get answers and stay on top of industry news using the group message board.
Email Send an email into the portal and the information is stored and members are notified.Customize notification settings to receive the emails you care about most.
Document Management Upload content such as position descriptions or event details to share publicly or with specific users.Create a private or public resource library and organize your information into folders.
Chat Engage your network with group or one-on-one chat.
Calendar Post your event or get information on upcoming events using the internal and external calendar.Schedule meetings with other users to network, discuss job opportunities and more.


Community sponsors think so too.


Metrics Monitor the health and impact of the online community and provide transparency with enterprise metrics.View email delivery and open rates, and track site usage through Google Analytics.
Leaderboard Track top section contributors to monitor membership engagement.Recognize top contributors to increase user participation.Drive engagement through gamification.
Messaging Keep members informed and engaged with weekly summary of group chats and blog posts.
Sponsors and Advertising Brand outbound notification emails by adding logos.



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